You’re a prolific creator. An artist, an intuitive, a deeply connected, conscious being.

You may also be a mentor, coach or healer.

You’ve reached a high level of success in your chosen career path already. Now you want to go ALL the way.

You’re a zany, colourful character. You’re an introvert, a deeply sensitive empath.

You’re a blossoming, you’re awakening to your full potential.

You want to step into and fully become the person you know in your soul, you always have been.

You have big, seemingly impossible dreams and visions within. World-changing stuff. You want a mentor who can support you to set those wheels in motion and keep them rolling. Big work needs BIG support for its execution.

You want:

Deeper embodiment of your higher self

Clarity, confidence, laser-like determination (seeya later self-doubt)

To actualise your soul’s purpose in full

To make the impact you’re here to make, with ease and grace. Fuck the hard slog. There’s a better way.

To birth your creations into the world, on a much larger scale.

You’ve been on awakening path, for quite some time. You’re curious, open-minded, and HUGE hearted.

Your work, whether written, spoken, painted, drawn, sculpted, or in the bodywork, somatic, neurological, energetic or quantum realms, is POWERFUL.

You chose to be here, on Earth at this time. Because both you, your soul’s wisdom and gifts are needed, actually, REQUIRED for the highest good of all.

You’re a love warrior.

This work is for the wild rebellious ones, the creative geniuses (whether you see yourself as that or not), the artists, the healers, the badasses who feel a resonance on a soul level to this – even if your conscious mind questions it – you are here to shift global consciousness into a new reality.

No more settling for anything less than epic joy, epic relationships and epic contribution.

You’re a cosmic masterpiece who hasn’t quite realised how amazing she/he is yet. You’re owning it, to a degree, more than most – but you know there’s much more to come. You can sense it, you can feel it in your bones.

You deserve ANYTHING YOU WANT, just because you exist.

Just because you exist.

Feel that for a moment.

Simply because you exist.

There is nothing you need to say, do, or be “more” of to be worthy of what you want.

But your human self argues with you.

She/he tells you maybe you’re not good enough or READY yet. Maybe there’s a subconscious belief that you’re not worthy of the love or career you crave, or it’s just. not. possible. It’s too wild, TOO big a dream.

You’ve already reached a great level of success, yet you can feel it, your potential for greater impact on a global scale, on your OWN luscious terms.

I’m Aya.

My first incarnation was in Andromeda, and I spent a lot of time between there and Arcturus. I’ve had several incarnations in Pleiades, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.

My soul has had a very long and complicated existence ha! I have lived many, many lives. It was recently made known to me that this is my last incarnation as a sentient being on Earth.

I am many things, one of my clients most aptly described me as a Shamanic Witch Priestess. I’m also a goofball, super random, I love wearing colour, I love being head to toe in black, I’m as passionate about discussing hair and makeup as I am the mysteries of the Universe.

We’re here for a good time, not for a long time.

If you’re not waking up each day, excited to get to work or do whatever it is you do, something’s off.

If you’re struggling to find the ideal life partner, and keep attracting the wrong kinda folk, or you’re in a relationship that you know deep down isn’t serving you, something’s off.

By off I simply mean there’s an incongruency in the vast matrix of interconnected systems across all planes of existence that is you. We are vibrational, electromagnetic beings; and we attract only what on some level, we are in vibrational alignment with. It’s all subconscious and hidden.

My role is to bring the root cause of any blocks or misalignments to light, to help you to clear it all out, to guide your reconnection to your highest truth, your innate wisdom, and ultimately your power as the creator of your reality.

“I had a session with Aya this week to align with my income goals both inside and outside of my business. She uncovered that I put too much pressure on myself, my money and my business and I needed to step into the energy of appreciation. She was spot on.

I love how she tuned into the root of my feeling of shame which was created in a past life. She described what she saw and again she was spot on. We cleared all of it and she brought the energy of pure Rose.

We cleared some ancestral energy around poverty. We’ve done powerful healing work around my money blocks. I have loved our work and recommend her to anyone who needs some extra support on clearing baggage.

This woman does pure magic in the gentlest of ways. If you have experienced trauma and need a safe space to heal, she is your girl. She brings so much wisdom and insights into her work, you leave transformed and feeling light.

I am really looking forward to our next session!”

Ange de Lumiere, Spiritual Lawyer & Business Coach

“I had the absolute pleasure to work with Aya today and I had so many breakthroughs and AHA moments, it was magical! Aya is a very intuitive and gifted lady and I can highly recommend working with her if you are looking for the next level in love and business!”

Lieke Jansen, Life Coach

“My experience with Aya was a divine interaction that fed my soul, guided my mind and dished up loads of juicy inner work for me to explore in relationships and in business.

Her insights and skilled use of her chosen modality seamlessly create a healing of the whole body mind and soul. Aya is a powerful intuitive healer, a cosmic messenger and she holds an exquisitely compassionate space that allows deep transformation to unfold!

Thank you Aya for sharing your gifts with the world!”

Rachael Cannard, Healer & Artist

“Within weeks of meeting Aya, I moved into a new career which I LOVE, and I’d wanted to do for years. This opened me up to new friendships and opportunities, and the best year I had in a decade.

I discovered Aya and her incredible work through a friend, who said I would love her, that she was a gentle and calm soul, as well as an excellent kinesiologist. My friend was right, and I have been gushing my own praise about Aya ever since.

I first went to Aya as I felt in a rut in my routine and daily life, and I was craving an energy re-boot. When I left that first appointment with her, I walked along the streets and they genuinely felt like they were lit in a different, clearer light – as if my perception of the world had changed for the better.

I’ve done powerful work with Aya around finances and relationships, and after each session, I leave bright-eyed, open-hearted and peaceful; with amazing outcomes. I am so thrilled to say that I am now happily in relationship with my beautiful man!

I recommend her constantly. All who have subsequently met her agree she has a talent and the work she does is a gift. I trust her completely, and your life will be better for having met her.”


“Aya is a magical being, gifted healer and one of the most gentle souls I have ever met.

When I first saw Aya I was in the process of releasing all from my life that no longer served me. There was a lot to release and a lot to learn about myself through divine healing, unconditional love and realignment. With Aya’s guidance and my quest to release we were able to remove a lot of my blockages, release and heal the space within.

An unexpected healing on my knees was a highlight during one of my sessions! My knees had been rather sore when I would wake in the morning, walk up stairs and sometimes even sitting down. We focused a session purely on my knees and the results amazed me… and still do to this day. I stood up from the session feeling on top of the world and the pain had subsided and within the next hour or so I felt the pain disappear all together. The session had taught me a valuable lesson in self physical care and strength and moving from that session I now practice yoga regularly as I feel balance has now been restored into my physical being.

We have worked on physical, emotional and spiritual healing which all went hand in hand in my self discovery.

My life has changed, I feel a constant flow of unconditional love from within, my body feels lighter, I have a deeper understanding of myself and my journey.

And from that I am able to reflect these positive gifts outwardly to the world through trusting myself and listening to my body. Thank you Aya.”

Fran, Artist

“I saw Aya a few months ago and the session was so helpful and lovely.

We worked together on some issues that I had with anxiety, self confidence and also working with guidance towards my path in life and my career.

She was extremely helpful and such a calming presence. We worked together and cleared some blockages that were stopping me from getting to where I could be.

She was so gentle and very clear in her instructions, and since then I haven’t had a panic attack, which I used to have regularly, and have had so many incredible opportunities arise in my career and personal life. And this was after just one session!

I loved working with her, I recommend her for anyone looking for guidance rooted in love and understanding. Thank you for everything Aya!”

Vida, Marine Biologist

“I’ve worked with Aya over the last six months and I’ve felt significant, lasting differences. Every time I go to see her I’m distressed in some way and I always leave feeling so much better about everything, not just what I came to see her about.

She has been able to help me access some deep issues and work through them in a nurturing and compassionate way.

I also really appreciate how she provides all kinds of useful suggestions during and after my session to help me continue my healing. She is a great healer, an inspirational person and it is a joy to spend time with her in session.

Thank you so much. These words can’t even begin to touch on how much you’ve helped me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work and support.”

Faith, non-for-profit Corporate

“Aya’s work is really unique. She uses her intuition and listens to what my body is telling her.

Aya is extremely thorough and ensures that all work is going back to what my body is asking for.

I have been working with Aya for 6 months and my moods are better and more stable, my menstrual cycle has become regular and this only took a few sessions.

I’ve gained the ability to recognise the life challenges reflected in my own body, and in turn, I’ve been able to target these areas thoroughly with guided support.

I’ve discovered that I am in charge of my own destiny. I can gain support and help along the way but inevitably it is up to me to change.

With the support from Aya, I am so much calmer and able to work through the challenges that arise in my life, I am able to process these with guidance.

I always leave our sessions feeling relaxed and regenerated. Aya has such a calm nature where it feels that you are the only person in her world for the time you are with her. Highly, highly recommend.”

Rochelle Travitz, Reiki Master & Nutrition Coach

I stand for the end of the toxic masculine AND feminine.

I stand for justice.

I stand for the joy and empowerment of all beings.

I stand for the life, safety, and equal treatment of POC; all folx within the LGBTQIA community; the planet’s children; and all who do not share my privilege as a white woman in Australia, or similar.

I believe in a future where all sentient beings live in harmony, and our differences are both celebrated and encouraged.

Empowered, awakened, purpose-driven creators have IMMENSE potential to create epic change on a global scale.

Far too many womxn (and men) are not yet FULLY believing in themselves, not allowing the true power and magic within OUT, and my job is to support, guide and assist you in transforming what needs to be transformed so you can:

A) Rock your soul’s work in the world, creating global impact beyond what you currently comprehend possible


B) Do it with the divine, activating nourishment from the love of your soul mate partner and friends.

This work is for folx whom have already done a lot of personal development work. These frequencies are very high, and are best suited if you’ve been on the path already for a while. Unsure, please ask!

I offer Alignment & Alchemy Sessions and Immersions, and Soul Tarot Healing.

Online, you can find me here and here

May you know your worth, your power, your beauty, and your divinity, now and always.

The revolution starts within,


How I got here

My gifts as a healer & mentor began to emerge after an NDE at the age of 19. I experienced my first major awakening, saw an Angel for the first time and have been exploring the esoteric and intuitive healing arts ever since.

I experienced chronic depression, anxiety, eating disorders and abusive relationships in my late teens and twenties. Everything changed after my fucketh this shit moment and going travelling around the world for two years.

A strong calling toward formal studies began in 2010 in London, after visiting the sacred sites at Glastonbury for the first time. I attended Energy Medicine workshops with Caroline Myss and Donna Eden; and Reiki I with Mamta Nanda.

Returning home to Melbourne in  2011, I discovered Kinesiology. Experiencing deep healing, profound awakenings and shedding layers upon layers of trauma, rapidly, I knew I’d found my path.

I became qualified, registered and insured as a Kinesiologist & Reiki Practitioner in 2012, and began seeing clients professionally in January 2013.

I began in-person and was resident, sought-after Kinesiologist at renowned healing centers – Soul on Smith, The Urban Alchemist and Maric Goya.

In the same year I started my business, I turned 30, I rediscovered creative and movement passions in dance, hooping, yoga, painting and writing. I literally rebirthed into my authentic self.

In 2016 I transitioned to online, and I work with phenomenal clients all over the globe.

It is beyond an honour to facilitate this powerful work for those who are called.

I support my clients to amplify their creative power, elevate their impact, increase their income, achieve their career and relationship goals, and activate their highest potential and soul’s purpose – through vibrational medicine, energetic balancing, kinesiology, trauma release, soul integration, shamanic healing, bespoke mentoring and coaching.

Through all of my work, I encourage my clients to live from their heart, connected with their deepest joy, in alignment with their true nature and the highest good of all.

Credentials & Training

  • Diploma of Kinesiology (ACVH)
  • Cert. IV of Kinesiology (ACCM)
  • Integrated Healing IV (Advanced psyche-based Kinesiology & Soul Alchemy)
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Tarot for the Wild Soul
  • Advanced Intuitive Psychic Tarot
  • Tarot & Trauma
  • Chiron Healing II (Etheric realm energy work)
  • Aromatic Kinesiology
  • Art of Solution-Oriented Neuro-Training
  • The Liquid Crystals Practitioner
  • Cert. of Crystalline Wisdom
  • Energy for Abundance
  • Soul Leader School
  • The Healing Archetypes

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