The world around you is simply responding to your vibration

Always. We need to, rather, GET TO, choose our beliefs, decide what we want and maintain our thought streams and therefore vibrational frequencies, towards what we want, not what we don’t want, with committed daily diligence.

You can choose to learn how to see yourself differently, not just differently, but through the eyes of the divine. The eyes of truth. The eyes of clarity and radical honesty.

Any voice telling you you are anything other than magnificent, intelligent, beautiful and powerful is a lie. Literally, dishonesty. Or, conditioning based on past circumstances that were actually not your fault.

No. Not your fault.

What has happened to you was not your fault.

It IS your responsibility to create a new reality now. To alchemise your wounds into wisdom, to heal generations of womxn/men before you, and the generations to come. You are that powerful.

I am the facilitator of this potent inner alchemical work for you.

I am here to support and hold you in loving sacred space as you navigate the vast, wild and beautiful terrain that is the marvellous creation of the divine that is you.

This is deep clearing, rebalancing and alignment work.

Going far beyond energetic healing or mindset, together we access the wisdom contained with your mind, body, soul and all planes and dimensions of your energetic field.

I work best with the zany creatives, the misfits, the black sheep or the one that never quite “fit in”. You weren’t meant to. You’re here as a part of a huge team of us here, assisting the transition of human consciousness into 5D reality and beyond.

You’re a deep thinker, a deep feeler.

You can’t do surface level shizz.

You’re cosmic AF.

All of this? You already get it. But you’ve yet to embody it in full, and actually work with your innate wisdom to have your next-level desires be your reality, now, in career, contribution and relationships.

Do you value yourself enough to be a free spirit?

Do you value yourself enough to choose every single damn aspect of your reality, from now on?

Do you value yourself enough to fulfil your divine mission, that is already clear inside of you, beneath layers of subconscious conditioning?

I want to see you flying, flourishing, rocking the shit out of your life, 110% fully expressed, in your power, making the impact you’re here to make.

This work is for you if:

  • You’re already in great physical health. Maybe you have a habit or two that isn’t truly serving you, but mostly, you respect your body and know how to take good care of it.
  • You don’t need or want any kind of “strategy” training. I don’t do thinking-brain stuff. I do heart, intuition, soul and the higher realms. What you will learn is how to access and download your unique strategies re your soul work, by being in deeper communion with your own soul.
  • You are open to all of the things. You don’t flinch at talk of angels, guides, chakras, planes of existence, past lives, the tarot, whatever the fuck else esoteric term. You live and play in this world, or you want to, or you’re just fascinated and open. (FYI, I’m grounded AF. No fluffy “love and light” nonsense waffle here. Don’t be fooled by my sweet-looking face!)
  • You’ve already reached a high level of success in your career, but you know there’s more to come.
  • You’re single and want to be partnered, or you’re partnered and shit has hit the fan.
  • You’re famous, either online or in the media. Confidentiality is something I take very seriously. I understand. Testimonials with real names on them have been shared with my client’s choice to do so, and you are never under any obligation to do so. No one will know you’re worked with me, unless you tell them.
  • You’re psychic or spiritual or sensitive or intuitive or empathic AF

This is deep shadow alchemy, soul work spanning beyond time and space, re-alignment to core, your internal axis, your power, your gifts, your creative genius.

This is a co-creative, gentle process. And it’s a LOT of fun.

I do not “heal”, “fix” or give “advice” or “answers”. All of that is within you. My job is to excavate your blocks to accessing them. I will not allow you to remain stuck in your story.

I facilitate your empowerment to heal and evolve yourself. I ask the questions that enable you to connect to your inner clarity and wisdom.

I only work with clients who bring their A-game to the table. Who hold deep respect and reverence for the planet, for the spirit world, for humanity and all living things.

I am not here to teach the science behind these things, I am here to do the work with those whom are drawn.

I bring the subconscious (unknown) to light, and together we transmute limiting beliefs, past-life and current life trauma, ancestral trauma within your DNA, and any other disharmony within the full realm of your being – mind, body, soul and beyond.

This is my soul and life’s work. I’ve been working with clients in a professional capacity, since early 2013.

Your highest purpose expression and capacity for divine love are intrinsically linked.

I’d be honoured to support you to weave those marvellous threads in the divine tapestry of your life together.

Two options: a single Alignment & Alchemy Session + 2 Weeks Follow-on Mentoring, or the Alignment & Immersion. Scroll down for the info.

The revolution starts within,

“I’ve been working with Aya for a few years now and I’m so incredibly grateful to have made that first appointment! I first booked in a Kinesiology session with her to get a different perspective on helping with self love and recovery from depression and anxiety, and what has followed has been an incredibly healing, deep journey into clearing my blocks and aligning with my most positive path.

With each session we moved deeper inwards, I’ve learnt so much more than I ever thought I would, about myself and self care. This has created so many beautiful shifts in all areas of my life.

I had no idea I was holding onto traumas from past lives and how they have been manifesting so clearly into this life.

The way Aya worked to approach and clear the blocks from these was both so gentle and so profound and has had a huge effect on clearing various insecurities or pathways I’d been holding onto. She has such a special gift at connecting with her clients and working with energy from such a loving place and working with her over time has been so powerful.

I’ve become so much more grounded and at home in my body which has led me to be more confident in how I hold myself in the world and connect with others. I feel much more empowered and intuitive and have been able to trust my instincts so much more in my career and relationships.

As a whole working with Aya has helped me become so much kinder to myself and the people and world around me. I’m so grateful to Aya and am so excited to continue working with her!”

Lucy, Actor

From my first session with Aya, I felt an incredible connection. The space she holds is so soothing, safe and conducive to healing and working through deep-seated trauma and subconscious fears.

I’m now making decisions that are better for me – healthy meals, better sleeping routine, meditation, and I’ve moved from a critical space to a space of greater love and compassion for myself and for others.

I’ve felt both immediate and longer term changes. My main stress symptom, neck pain, had immediate relief in one session.

I’ve felt so safe with Aya – she’s helped me to be able to connect with my inner truth, nurture and grow from within. This has infused into all relationships – work, family, friends. I feel these are much more authentic and productive.

I’ve discovered that everything I need to be empowered and be my true self is inside me. I can trust myself; and speaking, being and living my own truth leads me to great fulfilment and strength. It puts me on the path I need to be on.

I cannot speak more highly of Aya. A true Earth Angel, thank you.”

Jane, non-for-profit Corporate

Since the work with Aya, years ago now, my self-awareness increased dramatically and I began listening to my body for the first time ever. The time with Aya has been invaluable and would recommend anyone who is looking for an open, honest, compassionate and truthful lightworker to go see her.

My first session with Aya was one of the most positive experiences in my own personal journey.

Not knowing much of what to expect, I felt a massive shift in perception, and guidance to a new positive path. I found out things about myself which had been buried deep within my subconscious and always knew were there, with all the answers being extracted from my own energy field.

I went from soul-sucking corporate to establishing a purpose-driven career that I love, and I know I’ll be going back to Aya for fine tuning as I progress further in future. Thank you Aya.”

Sean Grey, Counsellor & Musician

“I stumbled on Aya’s website through a wonderful stroke of fate when I was in a deep rut nearly 12 months ago. I was depressed, not eating, loathing myself and blocked from enjoying life and doing all the things that used to bring me joy.

From my very first session, I knew I could trust Aya. She has such a calming, centring energy. She is such a beautiful soul who cares deeply about empowering and healing others.

Over the past 10 months, we’ve uncovered deeply ingrained negative beliefs, trauma from my childhood I never dealt with, energies of people I have held onto that were pulling me into a spiral of self-destruction.

I am beyond grateful for Aya’s assisting me with facing my biggest fears, uncomfortable dialogue with myself and bringing me back to myself, figuring out which foods I was eating that were causing me to physically be ill, encouraging me and helping me learn why it is so important for me to make art again.

The past couple of months have been a smooth and steady transition into finding my self worth.

I started drawing for the first time in over a decade and felt like I have been doing it for years. I’ve also been less critical of my body and thankfully I now have good people around me that don’t tell me what I’m supposed to look like; which was not the case before I met Aya.

I’ve also manifested a job where I am working with a dream team like I’ve always wanted, with the schedule I’ve always wanted, being paid what I deserve.

I’ve become much much better with responding rather than reacting, in all areas of communication, emotional spending and emotional eating.

So thank you thank you thank you for working with me. It’s been life changing since I’ve started working with you.”

Evey, Artist

“Since working with Aya I have found my self-awareness has been heightened massively. After our sessions I always feel calm, collected and the problems I saw as a huge deal, don’t even seem to be an issue by the time I leave.

Since meeting Aya I have quit a job that was draining me, completed a course, and am now starting my dream career in the new year!

In my first session I did not know what to expect, I had doubts, but figured as I wasn’t feeling good, there was no harm in trying…I am so glad I did!!

I have begun to see things in my life from a different perspective, learning to look within for answers instead of outside, (which was like being on a hamster wheel – never getting anywhere). What I used to see as a negative, I now see as an opportunity to learn about myself and thus turning it into a positive.

I have had both Reiki and Kinesiology sessions with Aya. Both have made me feel great. Reiki is like wrapping yourself up in the most comfortable bubble of gorgeousness!! (And gave immediate relief for my back pain.) I find I learn things about myself that I needed to hear!

It truly blows my mind!!

I feel like I have also gained the ability to be sure of what I want and have more of a ‘go get it’ attitude.

Learning to accept yourself feels so empowering!!

I‘ve recommended Aya to everyone I know!”


“Thank you so much, I was in such another state after your beautiful healing and connection with my higher self.

Words cannot describe how vibrationally high and wonderful I feel at the moment. Thank you for showing me how to adapt and protect myself through connecting with my energy and breath.

You’re an Angel!! I’m so happy that I’ve made the process to leave the past behind and go with the flow of the universe, and reach the next plane and state of oneness. Feeling super, thanks heaps!”

Mario Matteo, Music Producer

“Aya facilitates profound breakthroughs with love & compassion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul.”

Biljana Ivanisevic, Naturopath

“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me!! I couldn’t stop smiling for a good few hours after I left you, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9.

I woke up with a pep in my step and feeling really positive this morning, and all day really! My hips are feeling fine, no pain at all today.”

– one week later –

“I’ve been great since I’ve seen you. Without really thinking about it I have a whole new motivation. I have found myself dedicating time to what I love doing everyday, taking the time to connect with my angels and spirit guides and progressing in my spiritual path, I’m feeling really positive.

I’ve just enrolled into a course that I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

So many positive changes happening! I’m starting to live as the true reflection of myself!”

Bek Grundy, Intuitive Healer

“My healing begins from the moment Aya greets me. Her warmth and down to earth nature puts me immediately at ease.

I honestly feel like I could tell her absolutely anything and not feel judged. I always walk away from our sessions with a clear solution and way forward, whether we’ve worked on relationships or business.

I can’t recommend working with Aya more highly. She is incredibly wise, intuitive, thorough and always 100% present. She puts her whole heart into her work, she is a true healer.”

Heidi Richter, Myotherapist and Clinic Owner

Alignment & Alchemy Immersion

This is a joyful and exciting Immersion for those who are ready to make radical shifts, going super deep into who you came here to be, and with whom. We activate your highest potential and you will embody the Queen of your domain that you are and always have been.

This is where you become the creator of your reality, remember who you are and what you’re capable of. We can address your career, your relationships, your creative power, and your capacity for wealth and global impact.

With each subsequent session, we go deeper and further, in addition you are held within a potent sacred container with me, over 2-4 months. This alone is a game-changer. I am with you every step of the way. The time length always varies depending on your unique flow. Your divine timing is perfect, for YOU.

You’ll come into full and total alignment with your soul’s desires, and I support you to create them.

What’s included:

6 x Alignment & Alchemy Sessions on Zoom, 90mins-2hours in duration

(2-3 weeks apart)

The session duration does vary, as we are in the Quantum field in this work, where time nor space exists. It’s not about the length of time, it’s about what is needed for you at the time; and that always varies. More time doesn’t mean you receive “more”. You will always receive exactly what you need and your Spirit team is in charge (aka they boss me around!) during session. 

You receive brief notes and a recording of the guidance for you moving forwards, any links, resources or energetic tools for you to play with for your ongoing support, alignment and integration. The whole session is not recorded, only this part at the end.

Value: $1980

1 x Soul Tarot Healing Session

Live on Zoom, we engage in deep inquiry as to your soul’s highest truth around relationships, career, or we can do an overview of all aspects of your life; guided by the potent mirror to the soul that is the Tarot. 

Value: $197

1 x Distance Session, including any of the following:

Frequency Restoration & Soul Activation

Business Tarot Reading

Relationship Reading

Your Guides and Spiritual Support Activation – discover who they are, how to work with them, and why they’ve chosen to work with you

Your numerology and/or astrology

It can also be a fusion of any of the above.

No appointment required for this, I do this completely remotely, this will be delivered either written, and/or in audio format for you to keep and refer back to.

Value: $330

Vibrational remedies & support tools mailed to you

These can include Liquid Crystal Essences, Desert Alchemy Flower essences, sprays, oils, physical crystals and/or card decks.

Value: $300



Unlimited support via Voxer or Messenger in between sessions to assist your integration of our work

This includes coaching, intuitive hit requests, any questions about anything at all that may come up for you, and any further distance energy work and intuitive guidance as and when required.

Value: $2193

Your Investment:

$1997 USD upfront


7 fortnightly payments of $300 USD

(1st payment at the time of booking, subsequent are processed automatically, fortnightly)

I work with a very limited number of clients in this capacity, by application only to ensure we are the BEST, soul-aligned fit for this potent co-creative Immersion.

Send me an email here or a pm here to enquire re availability and express your interest, I’ll ask you a few questions to determine suitability, you can ask me any questions you have, and we’ll rock and roll!

Alignment & Alchemy Session

Get clear on your most important goals and vision for your life. Align your energy to those and watch as the physical falls into place. We look at the full spectrum of your being and soul’s journey, past life integration, ancestral healing, shifting subconscious limiting beliefs, re-wiring your neurology, energy clearing and cleansing, as well as deciphering the messages your physical body is telling you.

We shift blocks, you gain clarity, insight, and re-alignment with your core, enabling you to move forwards with courage and confidence.

What’s included:

1 x Alignment & Alchemy Session live over Zoom, 90mins-2hours in duration

New clients (or those I haven’t seen for quite some time eg. a few years) are usually closer to the 2hour mark.

Value: $330


2 weeks of unlimited post-session support via Messenger or Voxer to assist your integration of our work

This includes coaching, intuitive hit requests, any questions about anything at all that may come up for you, and any further distance energy work and intuitive guidance as and when required. Value: $170

Your investment:

$330 USD upfront


2 x weekly payments of $170 USD

(1st payment at the time of booking, 2nd is one is processed automatically one week later)

If you want to apply for the Immersion, or you’ve got any questions, pm me here or email here.

Generally, I work 1:1 with clients on a Tuesday and Thursday, a variety of times available to cover differing time zones. There is some flexibility available, contact me if you’re unable to find a time that works for you.

I look forward to connecting!