How to choose a niche

There’s a lot of teaching flown around in the coaching world about choosing a niche, you gotta have a niche to be successful, you gotta have a niche to sell, yada yada.

Allow me to give you permission to release yourself from this headfuckery right now.

How to choose a niche?


Soul-led creators do not fit into boxes.

And as long as you try to, you’ll feel like you’re squeezing the soul, the juice, the life, the very essence of you and your magic, out of your work.

You’re an ARTIST.

It will never ever feel truly and deeply activating to you, and you’ll never feel that permission to talk about whatever you want. On any given day, at any given time, if you try to fit yourself into a niche box.

I’m a writer at heart and have held myself back online for YEARS, because every time I wanted to write something, I got stuck in my head around – is this what my ideal client really wants to hear? How does this apply to them? And then as soon as the head vortex sucked me in it all went pear-shaped and the magic flew out the window, probably to another entrepreneur who was ready to download it and actually share it online.

Speak from your heart and soul. Create from your heart and soul. Fuck the niche.

This is precisely what soul-led creators not only need to do but MUST do.

What if…

You are the niche.

The niche is the fullness of you, the highest aspirational you, the version of you that is ROCKING IT in ALL areas of life.

As you know, we teach our own medicine.

The clients whom you work with most powerfully, who get the most powerful results, who do the mutha-effin work and don’t expect you to do it all for them, are those that are the most exciting, those with whom you create absolutely total MAGIC, yes? Where time either speeds up or slows down…there is no time and space when you come together. An hour feels like 5 mins. Or 5 mins feels like an hour as you’ve covered SO much ground in that time.

Stop obsessing over the niche.

Start getting crystal clear on who YOU are. And who you want to BECOME. There’s always another level, right? We never stop. Well you could if you want to, but I plan on growing, expanding, evolving, creating and being of value to humanity til the day I die. Pretty sure you do too.

What other point to life is there?

Who are you, at your highest potential? How does she behave? What does she do for a living? How does she express herself, how does she run her daily life, how does she dress, what are her values and non-negotiable beliefs?

What does she CLAIM and DECIDE is her reality?

Spend some time to go deep within and journal on these.

Not with an expectation of outcome, or the attitude that “I need to do this so I can find my niche” – do it just to get to know YOU, first of all. Let go of the niche. Get clearer on you.

Really take your time to explore. What do you love? What is that thing that you could do all day long, what’s the thing you could do forever and never stop because you are just SO in the zone?

Do that thing, as often as you can. Get that universal creative energy bliss flowing through you, and watch as insights and clarity land.

In terms of a service-based biz perspective, you do not need to niche your whole business. Your business is the highest expression of you and for sure, if you’re reading this, it’s not JUST about money or health or relationships.

Let’s just throw the niche word out.

Seriously. Chuck it.

You could however have a particular person in mind for any particular one offering, whether it’s a course, a group program or private mentoring.

That would make sense, as of course all the things are not for all of the people.

Don’t stress on the details or overthink them. You weren’t born to work that way. You don’t need to know what they eat for breakfast or how old they are omg, let all that shit go. Tune in, on a soul level. Trust yourself and your ability to do that, you already know you do that, you already do it every day.

Let go of the need to get it RIGHT. Let yourself evolve, unfurl, blossom like the sweet divine rose that you are.

As a soul-led creator, you were not born to fit into a box. You need to speak your truth and be your full self, FULLY EXPRESSED, unfiltered, no holds barred, every single damn day to be at peace.

You’ll always feel like something is missing if you don’t.

Talk about what you want to talk about. Regardless of how you feel it “fits” into your biz, or not.

We gain clarity through action

I’ll just say that again

We gain clarity through action.

Take action. Let what wants to come out from inside of you, come out. On repeat. Over and over.

Don’t get stuck in the niche wormhole. Pull yourself right out, right now sister.

Talk about what you feel you MUST.

Your voice, is exactly what your soul clients need to hear. As it is. Unfiltered. Unpolished. Straight from heart and soul.

Get out of your head girl, get OUTTA there.

You weren’t born to do business that way.

This is why you’ve never been able to settle on a niche. It’s not in your energetic blueprint.

If it feels like a FUCK YES and it lights you up to have a specific narrow niche, go for it!

If not, ask yourself:

Does this business model light me up?

This aspect of life that I’ve mastered, is it really what I want to talk about for the rest of my life? (Hint: if it feels clunky, like it’s just not flowing and you’re trying to make it work, that’s a hell no. Or maybe yes, you want to talk about sometimes, just not ALL the time! Yes, you can do that too.)

What about the clients you’re attracting with this niche? Do they light you up? Or are they exhausting to work with? Does the work flow, do you flow and create MAGIC together or are the sessions kinda clunky-feeling? There’s your answer.

What if it were more about the “who” rather than the corner of the “niche triangle” as so commonly taught.

If you feel yourself, “trying” to make it happen, check yoself before you wreck yoself.

You were born to flow. You were born to express. You were born to create from soul.

Tune in, and listen.

You know the truth, deep down, beneath all of the conditioning that’s likely been drummed into you by all the coaches over the years. It’s always done your head in because it wasn’t aligned for you.

Times have changed yeah?

Isn’t that an understatement.

The headspace, the strategies that once worked no longer do.

Look it really depends on who you are and what your work is.

I’m talking to my soul sisters/brothers, the zany crazy creative, the “too much” people, the dramatic ones, the hilarious ones 😉

Stop punishing yourself with the square peg round hole sitch.

Here’s a helping hand from me right now! We’re pulling you out right now… Ahhh. That’s better! FREEDOM BABY

Do what you want. Say what you want. Speak to whom you want.

Tune in. Trust your gut. May the force be with you!

Message me to apply for private mentoring. We can sort ALL of this out, clear out the gunk and clutter, all the things you’ve been taught and bring you back into alignment with your true self. As you already know, ALL the answers lie within. The only time we can’t access them is when there’s too much clutter on those pathways between the human self and the soul self. Lucky for you, I got the goods to shift that stuff for you, pronto!!