My truth re covid

Kapow 💥 Long, rambly post ahead, probably the most important written words that have ever flowed through me to date.


Covid is real. Take the precautions. It is sickening seeing the abuse on the internet toward other people that don’t share the same beliefs.

Of course we’re being lied to. Of course there are far more unnecessary deaths and suffering around the world due to other reasons. Of course there’s agendas. That’s nothing new. What is new is the collective awakening around it.

Awakening is not easy. Facing your deeply ingrained belief systems, questioning and re-evalutating, plus the processing of emotion around it, not to mention what’s happening on a spiritual level; is hardcore.

It is incredibly challenging to change deeply ingrained belief systems. It takes HUGE amounts of courage.

Instead of support and compassion, the energy beneath many of the posts I have seen in recent months, is one of anger, rage, judgement and superiority. Feeding the collective fear. I know that’s not intentional, yet – that’s what it’s doing.

This is not the answer. Has it ever been?

Has war EVER been the solution?

In recent years we’ve sped up, just as the Earth’s Schumann frequency has increased, some folks earlier than that, some still to come, yet humanity as a collective are far more powerful than we’ve ever been. We’re moving into 5D and beyond. It no longer takes a great deal of time (in our linear human 3D sense), to make drastic shifts on a cellular level, and of course within the psyche. The precurser to external change in your life.

In some cases now you can flick it like a switch on the spot. Other cases require deeper alchemical work over time.

Maintaining is also a challenge, the ongoing commitment to anchor it in. Until it becomes a part of you, just who you are, so much so that you can literally forget how you were before. It’s like that earlier you, never existed.


I know this very, very well – I’m a Kinesiologist. This is my soul and life’s work. I’ve been working with clients in a professional capacity, since early 2013.

The crux of it is supporting my clients to rewire their neurology to create their desired reality. Shining a light on your subconscious “stuff” can be really confronting. Triggering. It is FAR from easy to do.

With expert support however, you can smash it with ease and grace.

My work is not your standard Kinesiology. It is deep, shadow alchemy, soul work spanning beyond time and space, re-alignment to core, your internal axis, your innate wisdom, your power, your gifts, your creative genius.

My clients are amongst the most brave and courageous souls I have ever met. Often, they don’t see themselves that way initially. This work brings those qualities up and out. This work is for the courageous ones. The warriors. The ones who resonate with this on a soul level, whether the conscious mind knows it or not.

It is beyond a gift and honour. I hold my clients and my role in deep, deep reverence.


OK back to covid.

Yeah, there’s agendas. I applaud those who are bravely sharing the deeper truths. This is not a criticism.

Regardless – I have a grandmother whose life is at risk if people don’t follow the basic common sense rules.

A person I had met several times in past, passed away due to covid. He was in his 50’s.

My grandmother is a healthy 87 year old. Healthy AF, cos she’s a badass.

All it takes is one irresponsible dickhead doing the wrong thing to potentially infect her and threaten her life. She has at least a good 10 years ahead of her otherwise.

Take a moment to consider another’s shoes, if this post is triggering you.


Are you bothered by having to stay home in your comfy warm space? I suggest looking up what’s going on in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. You will realise you have SO much to be grateful for.

Honestly, we’re all spoiled brats in Australia. I’m saying that with love and a giggle. You know I’m a funny bitch. Giggle with me.

I get it, on the mental health note. I have a predisposition to severe depression and anxiety if I don’t take the utmost care of myself.

I am not discounting mental health issues here, AT ALL.

I did feel like a bit of an idiot when my struggle began a few months ago. I felt like such a moron, the emotional wreck I was, whinging about my mental health to my close peeps, sitting in my comfy warm lush forest paradise home with my delicious healthy meals. I get it too, how hard it is to actually do that afore-mentioned self-care, when we’re deep in the dark. Instead of staying stuck, call in the big guns and seek the support and alchemy you need. Staying stuck is a choice.

You just get to a point where enough’s enough. Or, you choose it. Bit of both. The truth is, we do get to choose which voice wins. Which inner voice we pay attention to.

Meanwhile, badasses on the frontline are risking their lives to save others. Not to mention the badasses doing incredible work to save lives in the above mentioned countries. And many more countries, of course.

I came full circle, and realised I’d been way, way too hard on myself. Another deeper layer of this to alchemise within. It’s a fine line, that ol’ chestnut. Sometimes we can misunderstand self-compassion and get complacent. Discipline is healthy AF. Discipline is such an un-sexy word, yet – it’s the most powerful form of self-love. Self-love becomes epic global contribution. It becomes immense value to your community. It starts with you.


The journey is not linear, it is spiralic. We come back to our core lessons, over and over again, when our being feels safe and ready to deal with that next level.

Still. I do recommend choosing to focus on what you have to be grateful for. Over. And over. And over again. Daily. This shifts your frequency and creates your abundance.

If you can’t think of anything – sit and start writing at least 5 things. Once you start, it flows, and you end up writing more, and more, and more…the energy builds on itself, instantly.

Look at your best friends. Look at the roof above your head. Look at your family. Listen to your favourite music, feel it, move to it. MOVEMENT IS AMAZING to shake off the stuck energies that aren’t serving you. Dance. Even when you don’t feel like it. Look outside, at nature. Eat your food, every single bite, with gratitude for the Sun, the ground in which it grew, the animal if you eat animals, and all of the humans who contributed to that delicious meal on your plate -from growing, harvesting, the trucks who deliver to shops, the people who stack the shelves, so on and so on.

When we focus on gratitude, deliberately, consistently, with determination and courage, the battle is won.

This is not some hippy dippy bullshit. This is science. Go do your research.

I’m not here to teach the science behind the things specifically.

I’m here to share the higher truth that I am a vessel for. To work and play with those who recognise this as their truth, who needed this reminder.

I do not, never have and never will claim to be “right”.

This is my soul speaking. Take it or leave it.

I had a total mental breakdown, with intense heartbreak, INTENSE, that has taken until now to recover from, a couple months ago. I couldn’t be on social media – most posts I could see is people abusing each other. The global collective, ALL of us, are dealing with one of the most difficult things the human brain can deal with – surrender to the unknown.

I also now know in hindsight that I have been going through yet another awakening. We’re always awakening, yes; but sometimes it can feel like you’re being put through the wringer. Everything is upside down and inside out. I could feel my CELLS changing. It actually hurt, physically. For days on end I had no choice but to rest. For the first 6 or so years of my career I never had to reschedule a client. My ego was so proud of that 😉

This past 1.5 years has seen lots of rescheduling. I was so ashamed, at first. I then chopped that shit up with my energetic sword and came back to love.

I am so grateful to my incredible clients who happen to be the most gorgeous, GENUINELY heart-centred folks on the planet. (The ones who actually call themselves that, usually aren’t.) Not one complaint. Not one refund request. In fact I’ve never had either, at all, since day 1. Unheard of in the industry.


My spirit actually left my body (different to soul, more on that another time) and then I brought it back. Epic crazy shit.

Awakening is not rainbows and cupcakes and “love and light” – fucking dislike the phrase it is huge spiritual bypass

I’m just about through it, so here I am. I’ve regained my strength, not just that but I’ve discovered new levels of strength and badassery within. It took a lot of work. The most rewarding kind of work worth doing. It is also simply a DECISION I have made.


It’s always subconscious. We don’t realise, consciously, how much we hold on to out of fear, how much we try to manipulate, control, micro-manage – both ourselves, the people around us and even the support we seek from our spirit team. We do this as a survival technique. It brings the illusion of safety to our primal parts of our brain.

It’s the ultimate blocker.

What is happening right now is a form of trauma. A pandemic, whether it “really” is or not, is a form of trauma.

Much of what I am seeing, not ALL, but much, is the kicking of people when they’re already down. Trauma in the collective, is felt in the energetically sensitive individual. Trauma is FULL ON, it affects our psyche, our physical health, our relationships, our capacity to earn a living and increase wealth, and it needs to be honoured.

Screaming at people to “WAKE THE FUCK UP” is counterproductive.

This insinuates that you know better. That you’re somehow more enlightened or clever than the rest of us. It is DISEMPOWERING.

It potentially causes other people feel stupid or dumb.

I am not saying you are “wrong”, if you’ve been doing that. I am sharing my deeper truth, or, you could call it “opinion”, just like every other m*therf*cker on the internet is doing right now.

(MF is a term of endearment in Australia 😉 )

It is far, far more effective to invite a new conversation. To suggest possibilities, rather than ramming it in everyones face.

Those with ears to hear and eyes to see… you know it.

Akin to muscle monitoring, (that’s how Kinesiologists communicate with the being of the client, I work online via Zoom, and muscle test myself on behalf of my client – we connect as one in session) – when greater force is applied to the muscle, it’s met with greater resistance, and you’ll receive a potentially inaccurate response.

Gentle pressure, gives a clear, accurate muscular response.

The energies I sense in these posts, are contributing to the root problem which IMHO is the “us vs them”.

This is the root cause of most shit. That, and unresolved trauma in the individual. In my humble opinion. As a human who as been immersed in the offical study and practise of mind body spirit medicine, for over 10 years, and personally unofficially, for about 10 years prior to that.

Where’s the love? Really, JT styles and all.

Where the fuck is it?

It’s IN you. And we need it more than ever. We need it expressed.

There is only fear or love. All emotions/energies/thoughts/actions across the entire spectrum fall into either of the two categories.

Instead of kindness, compassion, acceptance of our differences, much of what I have seen is rage, hate and belittling towards our fellow humans. The toxicity seems to be shifting now, slowly but surely.

We can love one another whilst holding different belief systems.


Nothing wrong with rage and hate; those emotions are completely justified. COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED AND NOT TO BE LABELED AS “BAD”. They are important emotions, that tell us that something isn’t right.


If you want to see a peaceful world, consider the energy that you are contributing. That you are putting out there, on social media and otherwise. Therefore; that comes right back to you like a BOOMERANG

This is vibrational science 101.

Every action, word and thought you engage in, is contributing to the collective and therefore impacts YOU. Your loved ones. Your family.

I have felt rage as well. Generally, “people” seem to perceive me as a gentle angel/fairy, which yeah, for sure those are aspects of the badassery that is me. There’s a lot more to the picture. Very few people truly know me. You don’t become fairy/angel-like without a fuck-tonne of trauma that you’ve dealt with and effectively processed.

I choose to deal with anger, rage and trauma responsibly. I work with glorious energy healers, coaches, mentors, kinesiologists, psychics (no, they’re not all bullshit artists – a few dickheads gave the whole industry a bad name), and most recently a powerful astrologer.

It’s not really about the “label” of their modality. It’s the human that I’m drawn to. The energy.

Know what medicine works for you. Explore. Trust what you’re drawn to.

Instead of spewing your rage onto the world on Facebook, and therefore subconsciously perpetuating the problem – and I say this with FULL compassion in alignment with our highest good – please seek support.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow and you may feel like punching me in the face. I get it. Been there.

Ground yourself. Deal with your emotions. Seek support. Act from your centre, your innate wisdom.

Honestly – I almost hit post a few times, in my rage. I then thought the better of it – that moment between moments – that inner knowing- you have that too. And I’m so glad I didn’t hit post. The next day I’m like oof fuck yeah Aya go YOU for pressing that lil pause button on yo erratic self 😉

What happens when you add fuel to fire? Yeah.

To me, my sensitivity has become so heightened, that if I do let something slip, for example speaking negatively about another person, I literally feel sick, like I’ve been poisoned. Not worth it.

There’s nothing wrong with anger. Anger is a sign that your boundaries have been crossed, to put it lightly. In this case regarding your health and safety and that of your kids.

It’s fully justified. You have EVERY right to be angry or anxious. There’s fucked up shit going on.

My gentle invitation is to trust that it’s going to be OK. It always is, in the end. That’s the biggest eyeroll ever yeah? Well, our beliefs create our reality – again do your research – so watch them carefully.

And further than trust, of course, conscious, grounded, soul-connected, well-educated actions are then required.


Remember to rest in-between. We are doing BIG work right now.

We’re useless if we don’t honour the physical body we’re in.

We’re all wired a little differently. don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Trust your body. Ask it, what it needs, to feel tip top. Then do it.

Seek support. We are all here to help each other out.

Whether consciously known by the individual or not, this is my belief. You’re here for a fucking reason, because you chose to be. You chose to be here at this time. Because both you, your soul’s wisdom and gifts are needed, actually, REQUIRED for our highest good.

Message me if you have a sense you want to work with me, or if you don’t and/or I don’t feel you’re a good fit for my work, I may be able to give you some good recommendations.

My work is not for everyone. it is mega deep shadow alchemy. It is co-creation. I do not “heal”, “fix” or give “advice” or “answers”. All of that is within you. My job is to excavate your blocks to accessing them. I will not allow you to remain stuck in your story.

I facilitate your empowerment to heal and evolve yourself. I ask the questions that enable you to connect to your inner clarity and wisdom.

I only work with clients who bring their A-game to the table. Who hold deep respect and reverence for the planet, for the spirit world, for humanity and all living things.


Keep following your mission, keep expressing your soul’s truth. We need it. I invite you you to consider the energy you’re in when you hit post, and thus what you’re putting into the collective. Thus what comes back to you in one form or another.

If you want to see abuse end, you need to look at where you might be subconsciously perpetuating it.

You may get triggered by this suggestion.

There are no mistakes, only learning. We each have full permission to fuck it up, in order to learn and grow.

Abuse can be towards yourself too. That’s the most common one.

Bring in the compassion.


We each have the capacity to be anything. Even a murderer.

Uh huh.


I ask you, if you have a child, and your childs life was threatened, and you were able to, you’d commit murder IF it meant saving the life of your child.


No brainer.

We each have the capacity to be or act on anything that a human is capable of.

Every action of course has consequences.

The microcosm is the macrocosm. Look that up.

I FULLY believe that ultimately we all want the same things. Safety. Security. Longevity. Survival. It’s biologically ingrained.

Even the bastards behind this shit. I believe that somehow they’ve been programmed to believe they need to, for their survival, and/or their subconscious unresolved trauma is running the show.

Obviously that is no excuse, of course I’m not justifying. Just sharing insights to assist in understanding.

My wise parents taught me a lot when I was young. One of my earliest memories is being told not to believe everything I see, hear or read.

Your heart, your soul, your body – YOU are your own highest source of wisdom. Run everything by your internal navigation system.

If it feels off it probably is.

If you smell a rat I guarantee there’s rats.

You’ve got this. We’ve got this.

Love conquers all.

That’s one of the most well-known sayings for a reason.

I bow to you, courageous soul, for enduring what you have. You’re smashing it. You are.

Focus on what you want to see. The solution. Attention amplifies energy. Focus on what you want to see in your reality.

I’m not saying bury your head in the sand.

This is the complete opposite of ignorance. This is not ignorance.

This is acknowledgement of the truth, and then rather than dwelling in a pile of shit and allowing that shit to infuse your precious energy systems and therefore body and mind, it’s choosing to shift into solution mindset. To rise above like the eagle you are. To see the higher perspective. And act from there.

Any questions on any of this I am here. Let me know what you want me to elaborate on.

I will not tolerate disrespect or smartassery. Not interested in debating. I won’t respond to messages of this type.

I’ll still love ya.

I can’t help it. I’m made of love.

You are too.

If you’re pickin up what I’m puttin down, reach out via pm to suss out suitability. My work is not for everyone. This work is for the zany ones, the wild rebellious ones, the creative geniuses (whether you see yourself as that or not), the artists, the healers, the badasses who feel a resonance on a soul level to this – even if your conscious mind questions it – you are here to shift global consciousness into a new reality.

You’ll get a sense, stat, if that’s you.

I fucking love you, so much, more than verbal language has the potential to express.

Thank you. For being here. For being you.