Soul Tarot Healing Session

In this 75min-90min session, we’ll do an energetic cleanse, a grounding and centering guided meditation, and a deep inquiry as to your soul’s highest truth around either of the following:




We can do a broader look at ALL aspects of your life, highlighting what is most important to your soul’s evolution at this time.

I do not do predictive readings.

I repeat:

I do not do predictive readings.

I don’t intend to presume you didn’t read it the first time, however in my experience, despite my explanation of this, most people, MOST, not all, still come to me with questions like:

What will happen…

When will this happen…

Will this ever happen…

I do not work with questions like these. I am not a fortune teller. Nor do I believe in such things.

If this is your inclination you’re not at fault of course! This is the common misinterpretation of what a Tarot Reader is.

I work with questions such as:

What do I need to know about my career/business/relationship?

What is my higher self trying to tell me?

Where am I at in my soul’s journey?

What do I need to know the most right now, in alignment with my highest good?

Every reader is unique; my personal style and method is to shine a light on what you cannot see with your conscious mind – often we are too close to home, to be able to have an objective viewpoint and understanding of what is happening in our lives. Why and how something just isn’t working, despite our best efforts.

My aim through all of my work is to empower you to trust, be connected with, and to rely on your own innate wisdom and connection to Source, Spirit, God – whichever wording resonates most with you – and to refuse to hand your power away to anyone.

I do not know better than you, what is right for you.

No one knows better than you, what is right for you.

The paradox is, sometimes we need an outsider, an objective viewpoint. To assist us, to guide us, to the reconnection with our higher selves, to our own deepest soul truth.

Life can and does get in the way. Stress, trauma, pain, suffering, anxiety, all kinds of things can cloud our intuition, our connection to our highest wisdom, and contribute to self-doubt and confusion.

A Soul Tarot Healing Session with me is ideal if you’re feeling lost, stuck, clear as mud, questioning your path, questioning your career or relationship, or you have been and/or are going through a dark night of the soul or a rebirth.

Choosing to be held in the divine loving support of an experienced and gifted intuitive healer, is an act of courage, an act of strength.

We are not meant to go at it all alone.

As a human being, we are tribal by nature, we are biologically designed to hold and support one another in some way.

We each have unique gifts to bring the table, unique soul medicine to offer humanity, for it’s highest good.

Ultimately, working with me will bring these up and out, so that you can be in your full expression, your authentic self, and rock the shit outta doing and BEing YOU.

These sessions are empowerment-based, yes I am a form of psychic, however.

Free will my friend, FREE WILL!!

YOU have the power. You always have.

Working with the Tarot in this way provides a mirror to your soul, shines light on the subconscious influences that may be interfering with your deepest desires. From there you can gain clear signals as to your best steps moving forward.

This session can be recorded if you choose.

Warrior Queen/King, it is my deepest honour to connect in this way and support your evolution, your joy, your chosen definition of success and wellbeing.

Generally, I work 1:1 with clients on a Tuesday and Thursday, a variety of times available to cover differing time zones. There is some flexibility available, contact me if you’re unable to find a time that works for you.

“I have had a few healings now with the beautiful Aya and she never ceases to inspire me and refresh my perspective. I especially love her warmth and sincere care. She has the ability to tune right in and make me feel comfortable and safely held in our sessions together. Aya is a gorgeous, loving, natural healer and an inspirational divine being. I enjoy and look forward to each time we connect. It’s always a unique experience because what I seem to need each time is unique and because her skills vary she can adapt each session perfectly in sync with what feels right.

This time I had a Soul Tarot Reading and Aya has a natural ability here to bring forth helpful information while maintaining a gentle non~judgmental position. This was muchly appreciated and timely. Thank you Aya always for your thoughtfulness and warmth.”

Jodie, Social Work

“I had a reading with Aya the other day and she has such a calm energy, so warm and welcoming, friendly and compassionate.

She uncovered what was blocking me, did an energy clearing and gave me some action steps to continue on my highest path towards my goals. I look forward to booking in my next session! Highly recommend xx”

Billie-jo Langridge, Tarot Reader


My reading with Aya was truly wonderful & her connection to source/divine is one of a kind.

She was able to use her healing heart to guide me through some of my difficulties, but most importantly, she was able to provide me with self-support tools to ensure my protection, health, and happiness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Jess Angow, Crystal Artist – The Energy Exchange

“I was fortunate enough to just have a reading with Aya. I absolutely loved it!

Everything we spoke about resonated with me completely, and we covered so much in such a short time.

I found Aya to be warm, calming, intuitive, compassionate and very easy to communicate with. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease as I had felt a little nervous prior to the reading. 

I highly recommend Aya and I look forward to more readings in the future!”

Melody Montgomery, Tarot Reader & Dance School Owner

“What a delight to have a reading from Aya!

Aya’s voice is melodic and warm – a treat in itself.

Her insights were on message, wise and considered.

It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to others.

If you are ready for a reading – you are in good hands with Aya

Many thanks, Aya, for a wonderful experience.”

Treena Pettigrew, Life Strategist

“Thank you SO much for our session – I’m feeling amazing and clear in so many ways!

I can feel a wholeness and sense of home that I’ve never felt this deeply before…It’s zinging in my cells now. I feel so much stronger and connected with my body and place on this Earth, and have much more energy, clarity and will. Thank you sister!”

Tameka, Artist

“Have been feeling AMAZING since my session with Aya. Can’t thank her enough!

Feeling so much more centered, calm, happy and relaxed. I would highly recommend seeing her if feeling out of balance, overrun, or just out of sorts. A truly wonderful experience!!”

Kerry, Environmental Scientist