The Creative Process

Let it be messy

Let it be chaotic

The entire universe was birthed from chaos, yes?

The creative process requires sweet surrender. To the mess, the muck, the grit…the unknown.

Your only responsibility is to let it be what it is

Allow that divine creative energy to move through you, to work with you, to play with you…allow yourself to play with it…

A mother does not rush the birth of her child

She does not even think of attempting to push it out at 4months

She allows the gestation, to be what it is

To nurture what she’s growing inside of her

To connect with it

To support it

To provide the optimal environment for it’s growth

And it comes out, when and only then, when it’s ready.

We then let it grow

We let it evolve into it’s own being, it’s own entity

We allow it the joyful process of unfolding, as we allow it for ourselves in our creative work

We don’t try to make it into something that it’s not

Something we “think” it oughta be, to be loved, liked, respected, cherished…

It is that already

Purely by its very existence.

What are your thoughts on this? What does the creative process look like, for you?

That’s my gorgeous sister in the pic with me (blood sister!) who is a walking work of art, forever evolving, forever expressing, forever anchoring deeper into her truth…not to mention one of THE funniest, most gentle, kind and warm game-changer-person on the planet….Tash you inspire me more than you’ll ever know…I love you so much, you beautiful, divine, gorgeous thing!! 😍😘

May you be safe, tuned in, fully expressed in your ever-present radiance, now and always

With so much love