Image by Stux on Pixabay

You Are A Divine Miracle of Creation

This is your one, precious, sacred life as you in this body

You came here to be yourself, and only yourself

Your power is infinite

Your creativity is endless

It doesn’t need to be hard or complicated

Your soul longs for joy, for flow, for unfiltered expression

Ease is a choice

Having said that, often growth is uncomfortable at times – that’s our humanness. No growth comes without a stretch, without at least getting a “little bit” (aka sometimes, a lot) uncomfortable

You’re brave

You can do it

You can do anything you want.

As with all muscles, the more we use them, the stronger they get

Every day, whether consciously or not, we’re strengthening something

What do you choose?

To strengthen love, wisdom, courage….or something else?

Focus on what you want to see

In yourself and in this world

Not what you fear.

This is how we create our reality

Connect with me to uncover your unique fusion of magic

To help you in becoming it, activating it, living it

My genius is helping you to clear all the shizz standing between you and epic joy, epic success, epic contribution

You have the power.

You always have

May you see yourself through the eyes of the divine

As we see you.